The Night of Hope Gala, an evening celebrating and supporting ALS research, was inspired by Holly and Palmer Proctor of Atlanta, Georgia.  The gala began in 2006 in honor of Holly’s father, Steve Ennis who was diagnosed with ALS in July 2005.  The Gala was created to raise awareness about ALS, bring HOPE to families living with the disease and ultimately find a CURE through research funding so that others can survive ALS.

In Holly’s words, “My father and our family faced many challenges as the disease (ALS) progressed and robbed my dad of the daily functions we all take for granted. But, in the wake of this adversity, he remained hopeful and full of strength and determination. His motto was to “never give up”. In the end, he knew his health would not improve and he would not survive ALS.  The sad truth about ALS is that TODAY no one survives this disease.  He had a graceful ending to his extraordinary life when he passed away in January 2012.  He will be forever missed. Our family plans to do everything we can to find a cure and “never give up” until we do.  My hope is to help other families fighting to beat ALS. I dedicate my search for a cure to my dad, past and present sufferers of ALS, and to the hope that future ALS patients can beat this disease!”

The Night of Hope Gala continues to be a testament to Holly’s dad’s strength, courage, and determination.  To date, the event has raised over $6.3 million since its inception in 2006.